ByBorre is a Dutch fashion label who designed and knitted the shirts, Elitac Wearables made them smart.

The project is a collaboration with Dutch fashion label Byborre. The role of Elitac was to integrate the feedback actuators (vibration motors) and electronics to connect to a mobile phone that runs the software application.

The cyclist’s heart rate is measured and the shirt – by using the actuators – lets the cyclist know if he/she is within the targeted heart rate bandwidth. Because of this, the cyclist knows whether there is a need to slow down or speed up in order to train more effectively.


BYBORRE offer brands on-demand premium and sustainable textiles, that designers custom configure themselves. With their design and ordering platform (TDK, Textile Development Kit), ByBorre puts the power back in the hands of brands and designers.

By using sustainable raw materials, developing innovative knit techniques, and using existing production capacity, ByBorre is focused on reducing the negative footprint and bringing transparency in this industry.


ByBorre HQ
Naritaweg 70, 1043 BZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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