Kinetic Analysis®

Kinetic Analysis®

Kinetic Analysis® improves life quality with human motion data, creating an impact on people’s life. Kinetic Analysis® demonstrates the added value of technology in peoples life, altering the perception and the capabilities of human body functions, on a daily basis. They grew as an expertise-based company in the sports tech market and expands rapidly into the health- and vitality sector.

Kinetic Analysis® has collected a large data sets of about 25.000 unique individuals in the first five years of its foundation. It is continuously improving the accuracy of their algorithms and develops the next-generation of data capturing solutions and analytics for human motion data. The company’s base is within a unique location, dealing solely with data. In the heart of JADS, ‘Jheronimus Academy of Data Science’ you can find Kinetic Analysis® creating and scaling new innovative products and services focussing on collecting and valorizing data.

Elitac Wearables worked together with Kinetic Analysis® on the SmartShirt.

Kinetic Analysis®
Sint Janssingel 92
5211 DA ’s-Hertogenbosch


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