Maastricht University & Maastricht UMC+

Maastricht University & Maastricht UMC+

The BalanceBelt is a result of a clinical study conducted by Prof. Dr. Herman Kingma of the Maastricht UMC+ and Maastricht University.

According to Prof. Dr. Kingma, more than 6 million patients suffer from severe BVL and 188 million elderly experience disabling vestibular loss. This indicates an enormous potential the BalanceBelt can add to the lives of many who suffer from these conditions.

With Elitac’s expertise in the use of haptic feedback, usability and wearable electronics, the BalanceBelt is an exemplary product in which the multidisciplinary R&D team of Elitac was able to translate results from scientific research into a slim, comfortable, practical and cost-effective application. The Elitac BalanceBelt helps people with severe balance disorders such as Bilateral Vestibular Loss to eliminate the need for help from a person, walking stick or wheelchair. By helping patients to keep more control over their balance, the belt improves their quality of life. The belt gives vibration signals to the user about the body position. The user of the belt intuitively reacts to the haptic feedback which helps the user regain his/ her sense of balance. It is worn around the waist and includes small vibration motors that release a vibrating alert if the patient’s body is at risk of being thrown off balance. The haptic technology developed by Elitac encourages the wearer to subconsciously correct their posture themselves.

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