S-GARD® Schutzkleidung

S-GARD® Schutzkleidung

Elitac Wearables works closely together with S-Gard in the research and development of the SenSuit. The SenSuit is a firefighter suit equipped with electronics with haptic feedback in order to guide the firefighter trough smokey buildings with less eyesight.

S-Gard is based in Heinsberg, Germany and develops firefighting clothing that protects against high temperatures, moisture and toxic substances. S-Gard collaborates closely with experienced operational personnel and textile and clothing experts and is constantly at work to improve their technology, materials and equipment. S-Gard also participates in standards committees and research projects and actively contribute to the development of protection and quality standards. S-Gard sees it as their task to make the fire fighers work easier and safer.

S-GARD® Schutzkleidung
Hubert Schmitz GmbH
Aphovener Straße 75 | 77
52525 Heinsberg

Tel.: +49(0)2452 9909-0
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E-Mail: info@s-gard.de

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