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About the BalanceBelt

What is the BalanceBelt?

The BalanceBelt is a slim, lightweight belt that helps patients suffering from severe or complete Bilateral Vestibular Loss by providing haptic feedback on body position and balance. The haptic feedback is interpreted subconsciously, allowing the wearer to correct their posture and balance.

How does the BalanceBelt work?

The BalanceBelt is worn around the waist, over a base layer such as a t-shirt. After you switch the belt on, it will automatically calibrate to the ‘neutral position’. This is generally the position in which you stand upright or sit. Any movement from this “neutral position” will cause the BalanceBelt to vibrate, giving you feedback on your body position. Your brain will subconsciously interpret this feedback and help you correct your posture.

When changing position between standing and sitting, you can easily recalibrate the BalanceBelt (by pushing the button); The device will then give feedback relative to this new ‘neutral’ position.

Can the BalanceBelt help with my balance disorder?

Past clinical trials have shown a significant improvement in the quality of life for people suffering from severe or complete Bilateral Vestibular Loss (BVL).

The belt may benefit patients suffering from other balance disorders, but there is no evidence for this yet. Future clinical trials will investigate the extent to which the belt can aid patients suffering from other balance disorders. In the meantime, it is best to consult your Balance Specialist to determine whether the BalanceBelt may be beneficial for you.

How much does the BalanceBelt weigh?

The BalanceBelt weighs only 285 grams / 10 oz. (size M).

What are the available sizes?

XS: 59 -70 cm
S: 66.5 – 78 cm
M: 75-88 cm
L: 85.5 – 99 cm
XL: 96.5 – 111 cm
XXL: 105 – 117 cm

How has the BalanceBelt been tested?

The BalanceBelt has undergone extensive patient testing, under the guidance of Prof. Dr Herman Kingma of Maastricht University. The latest study was reported in the Journal of Neurology:

Testing & purchasing the BalanceBelt

I have a balance disorder. How can I find out if the BalanceBelt will help me?

It is best to consult the Balance Specialist at your local hospital to determine whether the BalanceBelt may be beneficial for you.

Can I try the BalanceBelt before buying it?

Yes, if your Balance Specialist determines that you may benefit from using the belt, he will give you a demo version to try at home for 2 weeks. At the end of those 2 weeks, you can decide whether you wish to purchase a belt.

Where/how can I try the BalanceBelt?

To find out where you can try out the BalanceBelt close to you, please contact us.

Using the BalanceBelt

Can I wear the BalanceBelt all day?

The BalanceBelt was designed to assist patients with balance disorders throughout their daily lives. The battery lasts for 16 hours and it is lightweight and unobtrusive enough to be worn all day long.

How long does the BalanceBelt battery last?

The BalanceBelt lasts for up to 16 hours under normal usage.

How long does the BalanceBelt need to charge?

The BalanceBelt can be charged fully in 6 hours.


Can I drive or cycle with the BalanceBelt?

Consult a physician before using the BalanceBelt while driving or cycling. Test the device before driving or cycling on public roads

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