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Safety wearables

Making the workplace safer

Safety wearables: Potential

The potential for wearables to improve workplace safety is extensive. We see possible applications in a range of industries, including logistics, construction, oil & gas, shipbuilding, defence, security & protection and emergency services. Here, safety wearables can help prevent workplace incidents and accidents by:

  • Detecting dangerous situations: For example, sensors can be used to detect imminent safety hazards, e.g. noxious gases or incoming vehicles, the handling of too (many) heavy loads, unhealthy postures, or the occurrence of accidents in remote locations.
  • Alerting the wearer (or other parties): Haptic feedback (vibration) alerts are both intuitive and effective. More importantly, they don’t require workers to take their hands, eyes or ears off their work. Similarly, the wearable could work in conjunction with the wearer’s mobile phone, to communicate alerts to other parties.

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Our innovations in safety

Together with partners (Royal Netherlands Army, Teijin Smart Safety, etc), we’ve developed a range of smart safety wearables that take protective work clothing to the next level:

A selection of our safety wearables

What our development partners & end users are saying:

With their experience in quickly developing concepts into market-ready wearables, Elitac Wearables was the logical and proven product development partner for the SmartShoulder project.

John Vlaming, Teijin Smart SafetySmart Shoulder development partner

The cooperation with Elitac Wearables was very fruitful. They always keep the end user in mind and are very pragmatic in their approach to solving soldiers’ problems. The Mission Navigation Belt is a good result of this.

Major Van Veen, Royal Netherlands ArmyMission Navigation Belt development partner

The tactile feedback is beneficial for navigation, especially in the dark. You are more certain of your exact location and the direction you are going and less dependent on landmarks and hand signals.

Royal Netherlands Army soldierMission Navigation Belt user

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