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Sentaz Tactile Navigation

Tactile Navigation integrated in the car seat.

What is Sentaz?

Professional drivers, in particular drivers of police cars, fire trucks and ambulances, are working under conditions that require a high mental effort. This is caused by a combination of high driving speed and exposure to a high level of visual and auditive signals in the car. Utilising touch results in a reduction of reaction time and mental effort, which is proven by TNO research. Elitac has developed Sentaz Tactile Navigation, an innovative turn-by-turn navigation system that guides drivers through gentle vibrations in their seat. This tactile navigation system has been developed together with – and successfully tested by – end-users.

Background Information

In 2017, the Fire Service of Safety Region Groningen won the Jan van der Heydenprijs, the award for innovation within the Dutch Fire Service, with Sentaz Tactile Navigation. Multiple vehicles have since then been equipped with tactile navigation.

In addition to the many satisfied customers at fire departments, Sentaz is also well on her way with other emergency services like the ambulance and the police.

How It Works

In the Sentaz system, the user receives navigation signals through vibrations in the driver’s seat. The intuitive vibrations reduce the need of the driver to navigate visually and/or auditory. Once used to the system, the driver will trust the signals without relying on the visual/audio display. This means eyes and ears are available for other tasks.

The system of Sentaz is linked to third-party software. In case of vehicle navigation, this can be software like CityGIS, TomTom, Garmin.

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