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About Elitac Wearables

Improving lives through meaningful wearables


Founded over 10 years ago, Elitac Wearables was established to elevate haptic feedback wearables from research to the commercial market.

While winning several innovation competitions and engaging in multiple funded projects, aimed at developing prototypes to market-ready products, the team grew from 5 to about 20 people, making sure all necessary disciplines and knowledge needed for haptic feedback wearable development, are in-house.

And over the years our experience in integrating electronics and textiles grew far beyond just haptics: these days, we integrate movement sensors, IMU’s, dry-electrodes for EMC, heart rate, EMG, EMS and much more!

Our mission

With our wearables, we want to help improve the daily lives of at least one million people before 2035. That’s what drives us.

We are convinced that wearables will keep improving the quality of life on many levels: by keeping us safer, healthier, helping us perform better, etc.

We foresee unlimited potential with even more seamless integration between textiles & electronics, and form & function.

Wearables development

Our services range from Inspiration & Innovation Consultancy, Full Service Development, to Setting up Wearable Production.

We develop wearables from idea to successful product and any stage in-between, for the health, safety/professional and sports sectors.

We specialise in integrating electronics and textiles, with a particular focus on haptic feedback applications and sensor integrations.

Our development process, modular building blocks and working practices are designed to minimise risk and maximise predictability for our partners.


To ensure we stay at the forefront of new technological developments, we conduct joint research with universities and research institutes. This allows us to stay up to date on the latest research, materials and techniques and optimise them for commercial use.

Some of our funded research projects include Project WEAFING and Project GaitKeeper.


The BalanceBelt

The BalanceBelt is a health & well-being wearable that uses haptic feedback to help patients suffering from severe balance disorders find their balance and regain their independence.

We developed it in collaboration with Prof Dr. Kingma and the Maastricht University Medical Centre+ and launched it commercially in the summer of 2020.

The ScienceSuit

We’ve also developed the ScienceSuit, a set of modular hardware and textile components that lets product developers and researchers quickly test haptic feedback applications in their own products and designs.

This way, they can jump straight to the testing stage, saving cost and valuable development time.

The Mission Navigation Belt

The Mission Navigation Belt (MNB) is a lightweight belt that allows soldiers to feel waypoint navigation cues through haptic feedback. It keeps soldiers’ hands, eyes and ears free, allowing them to concentrate fully on their surroundings and mission.

The project was a collaboration between Elitac Wearables and The Netherlands Ministry of Defense, and commercialisation partner Teijin Smart Safety.

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