We develop wearables and specialise in
haptic technology and sensor integrations.

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What We Do

We develop wearables in collaboration with partners from the medical, safety, defense and sports sectors.

Our expertise is the integration of electronics and textiles, with a particular  focus on haptic feedback applications and sensor integrations. By continuously investing in research, we ensure that we stay on the forefront of new technological developments.

With our multi-disciplinary team and 180m² R&D facilities, we develop wearables from idea all the way to commercially viable product. We focus on developing wearables that add real value, from improving the wearer’s safety or quality of life to improving performance.

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Our Wearables Lab

Our Wearables Lab is our a 180m² in-house R&D and production facility with state-of-the-art equipment: 3D printers, laser cutter, overmould guns, permanent software testing set-ups and more.

In the Wearables Lab, our multi-disciplinary team experiments, builds, develops and produces wearables, all in-house. This significantly speeds up development time and minimises risk and cost for our partners.


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