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A smart top that rehabilitates the body caused by incorrect postures.

What is FysioPal?

To fortify the body in re-establishing its natural demeanour, the collaboration between Elitac Wearables and fashion designer Pauline van Dongen has resulted in a smart top entitled FysioPal. FysioPal aims to help avoid health issues and rehabilitate the body caused by incorrect postures and upper-body positions.

Background Information

Through FysioPal, Elitac Wearables concentrates on new ways in testing and novel material processing to improve the usability of the hardware for this specific product, which demands an emphasis on wearability. Fashion designer Pauline van Dongen’s focus was to create a design that embodies comfort for the wearer and is able to aesthetically appeal to the consumer, in an attempt to eliminate the stigma of wearing technology. The product is developed in complete symbiosis between both parties: the layout of the circuit of the hardware developed by Elitac Wearables influences the design of Pauline van Dongen, and the designers influence the adjustments in the hardware.

How It Works

FysioPal functions as a second skin that measures haptic signals around the neck, shoulders and back of the body. The top contains integrated hardware, designed to be worn under regular clothing, and connects with a smartphone app which visualises collected data on the wearer’s body posture. When the wearer succumbs to an unhealthy posture, the smart tank top communicates a gentle reminder through vibration to rehabilitate the body position.

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