Elitac Wearables Building Blocks

A series of hardware & software building blocks
to speed up development


A number of the solutions we created for past projects, such as tactors, connectors, cables, led PCBs etc., have proven their reliability and can easily be adapted for use in new projects.  In addition, we have developed the following custom hardware:


A variety of implementation-ready textile garments with integrated haptic feedback (9 or 16 vibration motors) that can be used for testing and the development of Proof of Concepts. This means that haptic feedback wearables can be tested and demonstrated quickly, before significant time and money are invested.


The Tactile Display Controller (TaDiC) is the beating heart of the wearables we develop. This tiny component allows us to turn any garment into a smart wearable.

Tactile Display Tactors: TaDiTactors

We have developed our own tactor components: the TaDiTactors. They consist of a vibration motor and a PCB. We can combine the TaDiTactors into custom-made strings of any length (with up to 32 tactors), which can be integrated into textiles as required. By combining these components with our extensive experience in haptic feedback, we can produce an unlimited variation of haptic feedback patterns for your wearable.

TaDiTactor strings

Ready-to-use strings with either 9 or 16 TaDiTactors – spaced at a standard length – which can be integrated into your choice of textile.


  • It powers the ‘Display’ (garment).
  • It is plug & play with a virtually unlimited variety of tactor or sensor strings.
  • It accepts both wired and wireless connections (Bluetooth) with hosts, mobiles, PCs, etc.
  • Additional features, such as compasses, can easily be accommodated as and when required.

Software: TacOS

TacOS is the Operating System we have developed in-house. It is custom-made for wearables and allows for faster, cheaper and smaller (microchip size) product development:

  • Head start: No need to invest in time-consuming development of embedded firmware
  • Adaptable: Can run client specific applications.
  • Easy: Can be worked on by any C++ programmer, can connect to many platforms and programming languages
  • Safe: Client-specific security and encryption possibilities

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