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Wearables workshop

Faster from idea to Proof of Concept

Explore your ideas with our wearables experts

Do you have a great idea for a wearable, but don’t know quite where to start?

Are you getting stuck on certain design aspects? Struggling to make your wearable lightweight, comfortable to wear, washable or cheap enough to manufacture?

Do you need a quick Proof of Concept to gather initial user feedback or show to potential investors?

We are now offering clients the possibility to pick the brains of our wearables experts during an exploratory, creative workshop at the Wearables Lab!

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Bringing your team and our wearables experts together in one place for a day has numerous advantages:

Clear and fast information transfer

Rather than emailing ideas back and forth, we can get right down to business and develop a tangible Proof of Concept within one day. We can give you immediate feedback on design, technology and integration options, and brainstorm solutions together. This makes the whole process much faster and prevents misunderstandings.

Technology and material exploration

In our Wearables Lab, we have a wide selection of textiles, cables, housings, integration examples, technology building blocks, etc. available. This allows you to touch, feel and experience materials and technologies straight away and get a better understanding of how they will function in your wearable.

Team and project goal alignment

The in-depth discussions ensure that we are in prefect alignment about the project requirements and goals.

Clearly defined next steps

In addition to building your Proof of Concept, we will help you understand what is needed to develop your wearable further.

What clients are saying about the workshop

We booked an Elitac Wearables Workshop because we wanted to improve the design of our GPS cat collar KADDZ. I was amazed at the progress we made in a single day, just by getting our team together with Elitac Wearables’ product design, textile and hardware experts.

By the end of it, we already had a functional Proof of Concept, based on our input. We’re now continuing our collaboration with Elitac Wearables for the next stage of the development.

Harriet Moser, CEO, Suchmich Ltd.

What can you expect?

  1. After signing the necessary NDAs, we’ll discuss your idea for the wearable to make sure we completely understand the target group, the use case, which design you have in mind and any possible obstacles.
  2. Then, our hardware, textile, product design and/or haptic feedback specialists will brainstorm solutions with your team. We’ll explore a range of technologies and materials from the selection in our Wearables Lab and beyond, and discuss the pros and cons of each.
  3. Once you’ve settled on a design, our team will build a (functional) mock-up of the wearable. You can use this to gather initial user feedback and/or secure investment.
  4. The deliverables include the mock-up, all design files (materials used, drawings, etc.) as well as an overview of the steps required and the related costs and timelines to further develop your wearable.

What’s included:

  • 2-4 Elitac Wearables specialists (hardware, textile, product design and/or haptic feedback specialist, depending on the requirements)
  • 4-8 hours, or even multiple days
  • All materials
  • The final (functional) mock-up of your wearable, including design files
  • Lunch and refreshments

Price: starting from €3500,- (depending on requirements)

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