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Our vision

The future of wearables

What drives us

With our wearables, we want to help improve the daily lives of at least one million people before 2035.


We imagine a future where smart clothing is all around us:

  • We are convinced that wearables will keep improving quality of life on many levels: by keeping us safer, healthier, helping us perform better, etc.
  • We foresee unlimited potential with even more seamless integration between textiles & electronics, and form & function.
  • In the future, the technology will be applicable in various everyday products.

Core values


We aspire to develop meaningful products that add real value to improve people’s live.


We want to bridge the gap between textiles and electronics. To this end, we stay on top of the latest scientific research and experiment with the best way to apply theories to practical applications.

Different perspectives

We have a team of people with a wide range of backgrounds. Sharing these widely diverging skills, knowledge and experience makes us better and allows us to find unique solutions.


In our field, things move fast. Methods and technologies are constantly evolving, while new scientific research yields new insights. We take these on board and adapt the way we work and what we develop.


We like to make our products not only function well, but look good and be comfortable to wear too.

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