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Optimising athletic performance through human motion data

What is the SmartShirt?

The SmartShirt is a shirt that monitors athletes’ movements through integrated sensors. It combines this sensor data with human motion data to provide instant performance improvement feedback.

For athletes, tiny changes in movement can make a substantial difference to performance. The current wealth of human motion data offers exciting opportunities for performance improvements. But athletes must have a detailed knowledge of their actual movement vs the optimum movement to take advantage of these opportunities.

The SmartShirt provides this knowledge:

  • It builds a complete and detailed picture of the wearer’s motion and posture through movement and stretch sensors.
  • The central electronic module stores and processes the sensor data, and combines it with large human motion data sets and proven algorithms to define improvements.
  • The vibration motors provide instantaneous tactile feedback to help athletes achieve these improvements.

The project was a collaboration between Elitac Wearables and human motion data expert Kinetic Analysis®.


SmartShirt: How it works

We constructed a number of SmartShirt pilot samples – for runners and horse riders – to explore the features and design in controlled user tests. These samples have an integrated central electronic module that can be applied to a wide range of garments.

4 movement sensors – 2 on the upper arms, 1 in the neck and 1 on the lower back – capture 360° movement.
2 stretch sensors measure stretching force.
The central electronic module is connected to the sensors and vibration motors. It can store sensor data on internal memory and provide immediate feedback to the user through 2 vibration motors.
2 vibration motors on the shoulders provide instantaneous tactile feedback to optimise movement and posture.
The central module’s Bluetooth connectivity could be used to relay sensor data to a mobile device in real time. This would give coaches an instant understanding of their athletes’ movements and areas for improvement.
Large data sets can be transferred to a pc for extended analysis and comparison via USB.

Complete picture of the athlete's movement and posture

Athletes and their coaches gain a detailed understanding of the athlete's movements through the 6 integrated sensors.

Instantaneous & intuitive feedback

The central electronic module processes the sensor data in real time and provides immediate feedback to the user through vibration motors. Feeling the suggested changes in movement rather than hearing about them makes them much easier to implement.

Accurate & data-driven

The motion feedback is based on large data sets and proven algorithms.

Extended data analysis

The collected sensor data can be used for in-depth analysis and comparison.

Option for real-time monitoring

The central module can be configured to transmit the sensor data to a mobile device via the Bluetooth connection, allowing coaches to monitor and advise their athletes in real time.

Possibility for solo training

The shirt captures the movements and suggests areas for improvement.

Project background

Pilot Samples for user testing

The project was a collaboration between Elitac Wearables and human motion data expert Kinetic Analysis®.

Kinetic Analysis® recognised a market need for a smart sports wearable that measures athletes’ movement and posture and provides instant feedback. Combining their expertise in human motion data, data analysis and physiotherapy with our knowledge of integrating electronics and textiles, we constructed Pilot Samples for user testing and validation.

Elitac Wearables is a great partner in creating the future that Kinetic Analysis® envisions.

drs. Maarten Gijssel, Kinetic Analysis®


The Pilot Samples – for runners and horse riders – were delivered in June 2019.

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