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Our working practices

Rooted in proven Design Thinking and
Software Development theories

Design Thinking

Based on the proven theories of Design Thinking, we use iteration cycles within every phase of our process:

Analyse: We begin by gaining a deep understanding of the problem to be solved through user research.
Define: Then, we define the scope and look for patterns and insights.
Ideate: At the brainstorming stage, the team comes up with a wide variety of potential solutions.
Build: At this stage, we produce mock-ups of the wearable (or just specific features) so that we can begin experimenting and user testing as soon as possible.
Test: Finally, the focus is on testing the whole solution with end users and drawing conclusions. Design Thinking is an iterative process, which means we run through the process again to find alternative solutions if the current one is not satisfactory.


Scrum ensures a high degree of collaboration between the client and the project team, allowing the team to truly understand the client’s vision. Together with the stakeholders, we determine the work/features to be finished (high level) in the upcoming sprints and the order (priority) of these features.

Increased predictability and flexibility

We deliver work in short-cycle periods (sprints) of two weeks  and can deliver new features with a high level of predictability. This provides the opportunity for early releases, beta tests and client feedback – keeping the stakeholders firmly in the loop.

Improved quality

The frequent builds, user tests and client reviews during each iteration allow us to find and fix defects quickly and identify expectation mismatches early.

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