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The smart safety vest for service engineers

What is the SmartShoulder?

The SmartShoulder is a wearable that helps keep service engineers safe, even in remote areas. It features:

  • A panic button and man-down alarm that trigger calls for assistance from HQ in the event of emergencies.
  • Integrated LED lights that activate automatically when the wearer enters a low light environment. This way, the wearer has both hands available for the job at hand.

The project is led by Teijin Smart Safety, with HAVEP Workwear | Protective wear and Elitac Wearables as development partners.

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SmartShoulder: How it works

A smart vest with integrated panic button, sensors and LED lights, all waterproof

Panic Button

In case engineers find themselves in immediate danger, they can trigger the panic button. This sends a message to HQ, allowing them to notify emergency services or take alternative action.

Man-down alarm

Accidents can be especially dangerous for lone workers if they lose consciousness and become unable to call for help. The SmartShoulder solves this issue by triggering a man-down alarm at HQ in the case of a sudden fall, via the accompanying app. Early arrival of emergency services may significantly limit the seriousness of engineers' injuries and subsequent recovery time.

Automatic lighting

Light sensors detect the ambient light conditions and activate 3 LED lights when entering dark environments. The LED strength adjusts automatically to the available light and ensures the engineer can always see their surroundings without being blinded.


The vest has been designed specifically to ensure it is washable, durable and comfortable to wear all day, without hindering or restricting movement in tight spaces. All the integrated electronics are waterproof.

Project background

From original idea to prototypes

The idea of the SmartShoulder was originally conceived by CrossOver, in close cooperation with end users. Teijin Smart Safety recognised the potential of the concept and decided to develop it in collaboration with Elitac Wearables and HAVEP Workwear | Protective wear.

With their experience in quickly developing concepts into market-ready wearables, Elitac Wearables was the logical and proven product development partner for the SmartShoulder project.

John Vlaming, Teijin Smart Safety

Current status

Uncontrolled user testing by service engineers in the field

The project is currently in Phase 4: We’ve constructed durable Prototypes for uncontrolled user testing and validation. If the results are positive, production of the First Series can begin.

Future possibilities

A range of additional functions could be integrated in the future, including health sensors (posture tracking & correction), location sharing, camera assistance (e.g. for educational purposes), communication with HQ and colleagues, power banks, data logging/onsite reporting etc.

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For more information about the SmartShoulder, please contact Teijin Smart Safety.


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