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Getting your wearable
into production

Save time and make use of our reliable partners and suppliers

Wearable production

When you are developing wearables, especially when they have a textile component to them, finding the right manufacturers can be quite difficult. Especially when you are a start-up, or an ‘unknown’ or ‘small’ brand in the field. When you first want to do a small batch of 500 products to test the market, or want to do a clinical study.

Through our 10 years of experience in wearable development and production, we have established a small, but reliable group of partners (manufacturers and suppliers), to suit your needs.

Sometimes we can do production and assembly in-house, in our Wearables Lab, for a production of 50-100 pieces for example (depending on the complexity of the product).

But we can also scale up, within Europe or in Asia, with partners who are willing to invest or try out new things. Who are willing to integrate cables into textiles, who are able to solder and stitch, who are not only looking at minimum order quantities (MOQ’s) of at least 10,000 pieces!

All disciplines needed for production available

When you want to bring a design concept or prototype into production, there are several aspects to take into account. We have all disciplines for wearable development and production in house:

  • Experienced Project Managers (also with production in Asia)
  • Hardware and software engineers for certification and testing
  • Product Design Engineers for moulds and tooling
  • Softgoods and Garment designers for pattern making and selection & sourcing of materials

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Our development process

From idea to market-ready product or any step in between, we can assist clients with product development at any stage of the wearable development cycle: Whether it is turning an idea into a Proof of Concept to acquire funding, developing an existing Proof of Concept into a prototype for user testing and validation, or helping partners iron out the final wrinkles before scaling up production. The Elitac Wearables development process is specifically designed to maximise predictability and minimise risk.

Find out more about our wearable solutions for the safety, health, and sports sectors here.

Why clients choose us as their development partner


We have developed several successful wearables for the safety, health and sports sectors. Even though the wearables we develop utilise the newest and experimental techniques and materials, our experience allows us to accurately plan the development process and deliverables. This minimises risk and upfront investments for our partners.


Wearable technology improves continuously as a results of new scientific insights and the development of new materials. To ensure we are always up-to-date on the latest techniques, we invest significant time and resources in research. We partner with several universities, hospitals and research institutes from around the world to translate results from scientific research into practical applications.

Multi-disciplinary team

We have a multi-disciplinary internal development team consisting of hardware, software, industrial and soft goods design, marketing and business development experts. We only rely on external parties for raw materials. The fact that each discipline is involved in every step of the development process means that the end result makes sense from all perspectives.

Building blocks

We have developed hardware and software building blocks that allow us to produce prototypes more cost-effectively and in shorter time frames. For example, we have several integration techniques ready for application and our proprietary/custom OS ‘TacOS’ allows for faster, cheaper and more compact wearable development.

Wearables Lab

We have a 180m2 state-of-the-art Wearables Lab with all the  equipment required to develop wearables. The entire product development cycle can be handled in-house: from idea to prototyping, to limited production (up to 100 pieces). For production at a larger scale, we have a reliable network of manufacturing partners.


Our Scrum working method allows us to accurately predict progress and costs, while keeping a strong emphasis on the end user. It also means we can quickly identify and fix defects.

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