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How we work

Proven work practices and
a structured wearables development process

Proven work practices

Our procedures are rooted in proven theories, such as Design Thinking and Scrum. We work in iteration cycles that incorporate continuous testing, while our Agile work method ensures we always remain in sync with our partners. Together with the modular building blocks we have developed, this minimises development time and risk. You can read more about our working practices here.

The Elitac Wearables development process

Our 8 years’ experience developing successful wearables and technical expertise help us make the development process as predictable as possible. We can develop wearables from and to any stage of the development process: all the way from idea to scaled production, from prototype to first series, just a quick Proof of Concept, etc.

Types of collaboration

Project-based for clients

We can inspire, do a workshop, do a development phase with you, or we can provide full-service development of your wearable.

If you are looking for help in for example the Integration of Electronics & Textiles, Hardware Development for Wearables, or expertise in Haptic Feedback? Contact us!

Join in funded research projects

Together with innovative or thought-leading partners, we endeavor into R&D projects to find new technical solutions and push the boundaries of wearable technology. This allows us to stay at the forefront of innovations in our field.

Invest in innovation

When we come across an interesting (start-up) project or idea, we sometimes invest ourselves to make that project come true.

Do you have a life improving wearable idea, but you don’t know how to start or whom to turn to? Contact us and we can explore the opportunities over a cup of coffee!


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