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Flight Sense System

Enhanced awareness of air force pilots' physiology

What is the Flight Sense System?

The Flight Sense System is a new development for air force pilots  enabling real-time physiological monitoring and post-flight feedback.  It encompasses the integration of ECG, respiration, movement tracking, and more within a single garment  This innovation aims to enhance the safety and well-being of fighter pilots during future flights.

The project is a collaboration between Elitac Wearables, 2M Engineering, TNO and the Ministry of Dutch Defence.

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Flight Sense System: How it works

The Flight Sense System is a lightweight belt with integrated dry electrodes for one lead ECG and respiration measurement. The belt is worn around the chest and connected to a recording system developed by  2M Engineering,  capturing and storing the collected data.

Easy to use click buckle for fastening.
Recorder from 2M Engineering.
Recorder holder with snap buttons to connect the recorder to the belt.
Dry electrodes for 1 lead ECG measurement.
Strap for secure fixation of the recorder to the belt.
Elastic strap with gripper to prevent the belt from sliding down.


Fighter pilots often encounter high G-forces during flight, which may lead to health issues. The Flight Sense System monitors pilots’ physiological parameters, offering insights into their health status and aiding in the prevention of potential health problems.


The Flight Sense System is washable and therefore reusable, offering greater durability compared to conventional gel electrodes, which are discarded after each use.


The Flight Sense System incorporates non-intrusive, skin safe dry electrodes, making it easy to use and comfortable. Fighter pilots barely notice they're wearing a monitoring garment due to it’s exceptional flexibility and lightweight design.


Our project partners from Center for Man and Aviation (CML) conducted the initial user tests in a T-38 jet trainer, known for its supersonic capabilities. During this flight, the Flight Sense prototypes were worn to record the biometric information of the pilots, resulting in high quality data and thus a successful outcome:

“During the flight, both of us were sweating quite a bit (due to AGSM). We didn’t feel the sensors and they didn’t shift at all. After the flight, my sensor immediately gave a beautiful signal.”

Luitenant Kolonel E. Frijters, CML

Project background

From initial idea to First Series

The concept of the Flight Sense System iriginates at TNO, where the initial prototype was developed and tested. Elitac Wearables got involved in the follow-up of the project to enhance the garment, implement reusable electrodes, and improve the monitoring data.

Current status

The subsequent phase involves uncontrolled user testing by fighter pilots of the Royal Dutch Airforce
The project is currently in Phase 5: We’ve manufactured a First Series of 50 prototypes in-house, which will undergo uncontrolled testing by the fighter pilots themselves. Positive outcomes will enable us to refine the prototypes and proceed to Scaled Production.

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