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9 November 2021, Utrecht – Elitac Wearables will exhibit the latest innovations in wearables with haptic feedback and integrated sensors at the WT | WEARABLE TECHNOLOGIES pavilion, in Hall 12 – D21, at Medica 2021, Düsseldorf. Between 15-18 November, visitors to the stand will have the opportunity to demo the BalanceBelt, a haptic belt for balance disorder patients, and the NeuroShirt, a ‘smart’ shirt that helps surgeons operate more safely.  

Medical applications of wearable technology

Elitac Wearables CEO and co-founder Merijn Klarenbeek explains, “We believe that wearable technology can play a major role in improving medical fields like rehabilitation, surgical assistance, patient mobility, etc. The benefits of haptic feedback and wearable sensors range from augmenting or even replacing impaired senses and reducing sensory overload to capturing real-time, accurate data.

“Until quite recently, the practical implementation of wearable technology was held back due to issues like washability and wearability. But by combining new technological advances (miniaturisation, smart textiles, stretchable electronics, etc.) with our extensive experience developing wearables, we are able to utilise this new technology to its maximum benefit. For example, with our NeuroShirt, we have demonstrated that haptic feedback can be intuitive, precise and distinct enough to complement complex brain surgeries.

“At Medica 2021, we’re looking forward to connecting with parties similarly interested in utilising wearable tech to improve quality of lives and medical care.”

Electronics & textiles integration, haptic technology and sensors

Based in The Netherlands, Elitac Wearables develops wearables from idea to market and any stage in-between, in collaboration with partners from the medical and safety sectors. The company specialises in integrating electronics and textiles, with a particular focus on haptic feedback applications and sensor integrations.

The company has already developed a range of medical wearables, two of which will be on display at Medica 2021: The NeuroShirt, developed in collaboration with the University Medical Centre Utrecht (NL), is a patent-pending smart shirt that helps guide neurosurgeons during complicated skull-base surgeries. It connects to the neuronavigation system and continuously indicates both the distance and direction of critical structures through haptic feedback (vibrations). This way, surgeons no longer have to split their focus between patient and screen. They can stay focused and operate more safely.

The BalanceBelt, developed with Prof. Dr Kingma and the Maastricht University Medical Centre+ (NL) is a revolutionary treatment option for patients suffering from severe balance disorders. This slim, lightweight belt with integrated accelerometer and advanced software algorithms uses vibrations to help patients find their balance and regain their independence. It allows them to move around freely without relying on others, walking sticks or wheelchairs.

Product demos

The company will demonstrate the BalanceBelt and the NeuroShirt in Hall 12 – D21 at the WT | WEARABLE TECHNOLOGIES pavilion to allow visitors to experience the potential of haptic feedback for themselves.

Conference presentation

Elitac Wearables’ Creative Director Guus de Hoog will share his insights about developing medical wearables with haptic feedback at the Medica Connected Healthcare Forum:

Stimulating the senses: The potential of haptic feedback for the medical domain
Thursday, 18 November 2021, 12:05 – 14:15 h | Hall 12, stand 12E35

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