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Being a tech company would imply that our Wearables Lab is full of men working around, simply because technology and science are seen as more of a “boy’s thing,” but that is luckily not our case. Men do dominate the technology industry, but things are definitely changing, and we want to contribute to that change as well.

Although there are more women than ever working in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) today, they still do not receive the credit they deserve. We are moving in the right direction towards greater and more equal opportunities, yet there is still a long way to go.

Crunching the numbers

Women make up 33% of Europe’s total scientific community, and only 30% of those working in computing and engineering are female. A small percentage, indeed.

And what is even more aggravating, is that the percentage of presence of women in technology, computer sciences and engineering has not even doubled in the last 60 years. This figure is repeated in all the STEM areas, where the gender gap in these fields is still present.

And to change things, the world is being encouraged and engaged to advance towards gender equality in the scientific and tech community. All embodied in the International Day of Women and Girls in Science and Technology. On 11th February, the world highlights and celebrates the accomplishments made by women and girls in research, science, and technology. A day to honour women in these areas and their limitless potential, as well as a reminder that science and technology are not just a “boy’s thing”.

The challenge

In such a hugely technology-driven world (and even more so since the pandemic), the numbers remain low. A lack of role models, gender biases and stereotypes, and under-representation are keeping women from being part of this growing and exciting sector.

We, the Elitac Wearables women, want to challenge all women and girls to step up and break those outdated rules the technology industry has lived on for years. We encourage them to celebrate, empower, and elevate one another.

But, most importantly, we want to challenge the STEM fields to start important conversations and take action. A challenge to change the narrative by establishing practises to ensure equal opportunities, supporting and mentoring women, and providing resources to help women advance in technical roles.

Are you ready to join us?

Ada Parra | Sales Specialist

“As a woman, I truly admire and look up to other women who thrive in the tech world. I see that technology is taking giant steps towards improving people’s lives and well-being. But I am much prouder and happier to live in a world where more female engineers, software developers, scientists, etc. can contribute with their passion, intelligence and hard work towards making a better world. I try to contribute to this and look forward to the future.”

Christina Bodenstein | Research Manager

“Being a researcher means being responsible for co-formulating and managing our long-term research strategy. I love to put my knowledge of printed electronics and technology to make better wearables every day.”

Dione Leeger | Researcher & Designer

“I apply my R&D skills to design, prototype and test new interconnection techniques for electronics and textiles. My MA of Sc. in Integrate Product Design have developed my huge fascination for designing functional products that really help improving people’s lives.”

Jaditja van Kempen | Project Manager & Designer

“As a Product Designer, I think it is a pity that even nowadays, not many women choose technology as their career path. Most of them don’t realise how much fun it is! Or they think it’s not a path to choose. But I think we are as equal as men, with the same capabilities and same skills, and we all can create great products to help people. I even feel that in my work as a Project Manager, next to designing, women have that extra something that helps us keep an overview of the project to create even better products.”

Laura Perez | Creative Marketer

“Working in tech means getting a weird look or two from outsiders, but I think that’s good. It means that things are changing and changing for good. Women are tired of keeping quiet and playing it small. Things are shifting, the narrative is being rewritten. Only together, through actions, we can re-write history. A history where equality is not just a blog post or an international day, but is actually a tangible thing everywhere.”

Manon Milner | Project Manager & Designer

“When I was little, I loved to go to my grandpa’s workshop to open all kinds of products to see how they worked. Now it only makes sense that I’m engaged in designing and improving new products that make people’s lives better. I also use my skills to ensure the team is focused and to create products that meet the needs of the end user.”

Marloes Peters | Wearables & Soft Goods Designer

“When I was still working as a designer in fashion, products with functional features already caught my attention. I learn from the past but like to look to the future. When I look further, I see many interesting opportunities in the textile world combined with technology. It is very satisfying  to work on textile products with tech integration that improve people’s lives and make them safer. I am proud and happy to be challenged every day to discover and innovate.”

Tineke Spikker-Titsing | Project Manager & Designer

“What I enjoy the most of developing products is that I can combine lots of techniques and knowledge, with my ‘female touch’. This helps me see products in a different way, adding extra thought, care, and aesthetics to it. A holistic approach to product development that is needed to improve more lives.”

By: Laura Perez

10 February 2023