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Are you developing a wearable? You can now watch our Creative Director Guus de Hoog’s webinar for WT | Wearable Technologies for free. In this webinar, he discusses:

  • What it takes to develop a successful wearable.
  • Some of the main hurdles you may encounter.
  • How Elitac Wearables deals with those hurdles.
  • Best-practice recommendations for wearables developers.
  • A practical example of developing a wearable: A case study of the BalanceBelt, a haptic feedback wearable for balance disorder patients.
  • Final insights.

You can watch snippets from the webinar below, and find the entire webinar on the WT | Wearable Technologies website.

In this webinar introduction, Guus introduces Elitac Wearables and explains that he will share some of the insights we have gained over the years about developing wearables.

In this section, Guus explains how developing wearables is a balancing act between art & science.

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