Collaboration – Xsens (Movella) and Elitac Wearables pushing innovation in the motion capturing and wearables domain

By April 22, 2022 No Comments
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Motion capture, virtual reality (VR), wearables, and haptic feedback are a great combination. When used together, they can have big potential in e.g. science, healthcare, safety, gaming, and sports. The markets and technologies involved are developing and improving rapidly; components are getting smaller, yet more accurate, costs and energy consumption are going down and new integration techniques make it possible to seamlessly integrate the electronics into textile and garments. These innovative technologies combined, offer new possibilities to improve people’s lives by keeping us safer, healthier, and helping us perform better. It can lead to new immersive experiences and new ways of working.

That’s why Xsens (Movella) and Elitac Wearables are teaming up in a research & development project to explore the future possibilities of their businesses and try to come up with new and exciting concepts, which will hopefully help shape the future of wearable technology, gaming, VR and motion capture alike.

Xsens is revolutionizing the industry for movie, gaming, and VR. They use a motion capture suit equipped with sensors, which is easier and faster to set up than conventional camera-based systems. Elitac Wearables is specialized in integration techniques and expert in haptic feedback systems.

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