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Taking place on Thursday 2 December, 2021, the webinar aims to help wearables developers select the optimal integration technique for their medical or safety wearables. To this end, audience members are invited to submit their questions about integration techniques beforehand, for discussion during the webinar. Speakers include Marina Toeters (Red Dot award-winning Fashion Tech Designer),  Nils-Krister Persson (Head of Smart Textiles Technology Lab at University of Borås) and Guus de Hoog (Elitac Wearables’ Creative Director). 

Demystifying integration techniques

There are many integration techniques available these days, but some are more viable and robust than others and it’s not always easy to predict which technique will be optimal. Designers must consider end users, type of use, body placement, business case, washability, lifespan, etc. Most importantly, the choice of integration technique has far-reaching consequences for the development process and commercial viability of the wearable.

Current options: overview and practical applications

This webinar aims to help wearables designers make that choice: First, Elitac Wearables’ Creative Director will give an overview of the integration techniques that are currently available. In the Elitac Wearables Lab, we have experimented with and applied most of these integration techniques, so Guus will discuss potential pitfalls, what factors to consider when selecting a technique, etc.

Next, experienced Fashion Tech Designer Marina Toeters will takes us through a practical case study of a wearable she has recently developed. What does the wearables development process look like in real life, when does she decide which integration techniques to use, how and why? After the case study, the audience will get the chance to pick the brains of our wearables experts. Viewers are invited to send in questions, practical issues and requests for advice beforehand and during the webinar itself.

Future integration techniques

Finally, Nils-Krister Persson will offer us a glimpse into the future. Which techniques can we expect in 10 to 20 years’ time and how will it impact our wearables designs? He will then answer audience questions about future integration techniques.

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