Haptic interpolation for wearables designers

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Learn how to develop haptic feedback wearables that are more efficient, lighter and cheaper to manufacture.

Elitac Wearables has published a new whitepaper on haptic interpolation: This concept allows wearables designers to generate haptic sensations anywhere on a patch of skin that is covered by a set of vibration motors – not only underneath or at the location of the vibration motor.

In the whitepaper, Senior Researcher Wouter Vos explains how Elitac Wearables utilises haptic interpolation to:

  • Develop wearables with more precise haptic feedback: improving effectiveness while minimising intrusiveness for the user.
  • Target any location on the body with fewer tactors (vibration motors), making wearables cheaper to manufacture, lighter and more comfortable to wear.

Download the whitepaper

Haptic interpolation and the ScienceSuit

Elitac Wearables ScienceSuit users can learn more about using haptic interpolation in their own tactile display designs in the ScienceSuit software manual. For more information about the ScienceSuit, please visit the ScienceSuit page.

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